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About Us

About Us

Impex Hill Resorts is a fully furnished where the priority is comfort. The staff members welcome guests to the hotel and are keen to serve them the best. This hotel offers you well appoined and freshly renovated room equiped with all modern facilities. The hotel is located just minutes away from city square and has all the modern facilities, amenities and services with irresistible tariff to delight every possible need and want of the guests.

A Rousing Welcome - A bright smile from the doorman, up a short flight of stairs, through swinging doors into the warm sleek lobby. You have just witnessed the beginning of the famous Kashmir hospitality. The rustic surroundings interspersed with a few touchs of greenry accompained by a hot pot of delicately flavoured 'Qahwa' (Kashmiri Tea) paves the way for a memorable stay at the Impex Hill Resorts.

Refreshing Comfort, Sheer Ecstasy
Inside the room telephones, television sets, running hot and cold water and much more. Each room, tastefully decorated, overlooking the lake. You can sip a soothing drink, watch the glorious sun, its dying rays glittering on the snowy mountains and later, fall asleep to the murmur of oars as they push a shikara forward.

"Welcome to Impex Hill Resorts, the best resorts in Srinagar city!"

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